On Saturday, September 17, the World Cup of Hockey will officially begin in Toronto, Canada. As of now, there is already “eye-popping crowds” getting ready for the exhibition games which will lead up to the event. This is according to Paul Wiecek from the Winnipeg Free Press. Statistics last week showed North America and Europe garnering 18,005 people in Quebec alone. Canada vs. U.S. drew an estimated 17,791 people while 18,687 people watched the rematch against Ottawa held the next day. In Montreal, 17,243 people watched as North America fought against Europe. These statistics show that outstanding amounts of people are willing to pay to watch the pre-tournament games. Crowds are lining up in huge numbers, which produces profits for the NHL and its players. Due to the aggressive marketing strategies for the World Cup of Hockey, the event is already experiencing an early success. The World Cup exemplifies grandeur and tradition and it is expected to become one of the biggest sports events of the year.


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