Despite an earlier warning by the NFL against violating the league’s uniform code, on Sunday Tennessee Titans linebacker Avery Williamson came for his team’s inaugural game of the season against the Minnesota Vikings wearing his custom patriotic cleats.

Although the 24-year old had earlier shelved his plan to wear the cleats in honor of 9/11 victims after being contacted by the NFL, he said that he changed his mind on Saturday night after the massive public response that followed the report by The Tennessean’s Jason Wolf on the issue.

Following Williamson’s latter decision to ignore the league’s position on the matter, a number of his teammates came out in support, even going as far as offering to help him pay any fines slapped on him for wearing the cleats. Quite surprisingly, four police associations from both New York and New Jersey also offered the same.

When asked, the former Kentucky college footballer explained that he decided to wear the plain cleats so as to avoid league reps approaching him prior to the game, adding that Titans general manager Jon Robinson and head coach Mike Mularkey had been “supportive” of his decision. Williamson’s Nike swooshes are white-striped and feature the phrase “‘Never Forget’ with ‘9/11’ inscribed at the back. Giants WR’s Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz also sported patriotic cleats for Sundays game.


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