A new year, a new opportunity to stay on top of the industry we all love most…sports, of course. We’ve scouted the top stories from Street and Smith’s Sports Business to put on your radar for 2017. From NASCAR’s new title sponsor to California’s NFL scuttle, we’ve laid out the highlights.


Can L.A. seal the deal?

The U.S. is bidding to host the Olympics for the third time in 12 years. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has rejected the games being hosting in two of the U.S’s largest cities, overruling LA would make it the third. If that happens, it would delay the games being held here for over a generation. C’mon IOC!


ESPN’s next move

In just one year, ESPN lost over 3 million subscribers, according to Nielsen data. A planned partnership with BAMTech is serving as one outlet to make up for all that lost revenue.


Jersey ads arrive in NBA

NBA teams are now allowed to sell jersey ads starting with the 2017-2018 season. So far, it’s been a hard sell with only two teams on board with the project. The big question is if advertisers will grow accustomed to the new concept.


What’s next for Raiders, Chargers?

While the Raiders have targeted Las Vegas as a possible home if they can’t obtain the new stadium in Oakland, the Chargers are trying to land a stadium deal of their own. They have a January 15th deadline or else they’ll have to share with the Ram’s new stadium in Inglewood. Poor Cali can’t catch a break!


Monster goes racing

Monster Energy announced they are the title sponsor for NASCAR’s premier series. All are curious as to what strategy they are going to use to help the sport reach new fans.


Formula One’s next turn

Liberty media is wrapping it $4.4 billion purchase of Formula One. Questions arise of what this U.S.-based acquisition will mean for the sport both stateside and abroad.


U.S. Soccer feels the pressure

2017 was started on a bad note for the U.S. Soccer Federation who are in a scuttle with women players who want to be paid the same as those on the men’s teams. They also fired men’s coach Jurgen Klinsmann and brought back Bruce Arena in hopes qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This all comes as the USSF contemplates whether to lead a U.S. bid to host the 2026 World Cup.


Next Move for MLS

MLS Commissioner Don Garber has been very successful in his expansion of the MLS and brings in two more clubs, Atlanta United FC and Minnesota United FC. It’s rumored the league will be up to 28 clubs in 2020.


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