On Tuesday 20th December, multitudes of big names turned up for Craig Sager’s funeral service in a similar fashion to what the NBA reporting maverick loved and wore. Sager passed the previous week after his three year long, fight with leukemia.

With Charles Barkley donning a bright red shirt, Ernie Johnson Jr. following with multi-colored shoes and Reggie Miller wore a purple jacket; you wouldn’t be mistaken to think that attendees were there for a Halloween dance.

Sager’s family, close friends and fellow workmates at Turner Broadcasting attended, with many of them appearing to pay their tributes to the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame inductee for 2016 in resplendent blue, bright orange and checkerboard jackets. Very few recognizable faces — like the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver — wore suits.

Even Randy Mickler, the pastor officiating Sager’s funeral, donned a purple hued jacket.

As a sports sideline analyst, Sager was adored by many. His ability to connect and resonate with both players and coaches, and how he refused to settle for simple answers, was legendary. Former NBA star Kenny Smith described Sager as somebody who “was his own TV show”.

Craig Sager, who died at 65, leaves behind a wife and five children. He will be missed dearly and by many.


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