Sports technology becomes develops rapidly and golf is no exception to ever changing equipment. These rapid changes can affect every athlete, even the most renowned golfers, such as Tiger Woods.

Seeing that Woods missed the last year of golf, it comes as no surprise that he was perplexed with the club transformations that have become a vital part of the game.

As a result of scientific research, new, adjustable hosels (driver heads) have been developed, which is news to Woods. The golf legend got used to playing with glued hosels, and now it is a completely different ballgame. Furthermore, the clubs themselves are not made from steel anymore- but rather graphite. In the light of these changes, Woods admitted that he would have to readjust his moves.

It will be interesting to see how much fuel is left in Woods’ tank. With the new clubs and being ranked the 898th golfer in the world, his next competition against golfers ranked in the top 40 will be a much-anticipated game.


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