After a long series of twists and turns, Tom Herman signed a contract as head coach with the University of Texas. This announcement was met with different opinions, from a warm welcome to accusations that Herman misled the public. Indeed, the chain of events was quite peculiar.

There were innumerable stories as to where Herman was going to continue his career. Theories that Herman was going to LSU circulated as well as talk that he was not leaving Houston at all.

Moreover, Herman heated up the situation with ambiguous answers that were considered as avoiding the issue, or even lying to the fans. When asked on Friday prior to Houston’s game against Memphis if reports that “multiple teams” were interested in hiring him were true, Herman told ESPN, “honestly, don’t believe everything you read.” He even went on to say he was “absolutely sure” that the reports were false.

So when headlines hit Saturday morning that Tom Herman reached agreement as the head coach of the University of Texas, many speculated he was playing games with the comments he made the day before.

Regardless, the results stay the same. Tom Herman is now the head coach of one of the most powerful football programs in the country and everyone can say they are excited about what he can bring to the University of Texas.


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