On Tuesday, Nike unveiled the latest “Color Rush” jerseys for NFL teams. With the brand new uniforms, all 32 teams in the league are now set to take part in the exceedingly bright monochromatic jersey fun this football season.

Although not all the 32 teams are actually going to be wearing their Color Rush alternate uniforms during a game this year, all the 32 new uniforms are still set to go on sale nevertheless.

In the 2015 season, Nike only provided five Color Rush jerseys to be used during “Thursday Night Football.” The maiden game (Bills vs. Jets) was especially unforgettable due to the fact that colorblind football fans found themselves in a situation where they weren’t able to distinguish the all-green jerseys worn by the Jets from the Bills’ all-red jerseys.

The 10 million colorblind people living in the U.S. today can sigh with relief to hear that this season there won’t be any such incidences. To play it safe, Nike has also indicated that a number of teams will be wearing all-white during Thursday night games.


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