MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, has been thinking a lot about radically changing Major League Baseball.

Manfred is working day and night to improve the league’s quality of play and viewership. For Manfred, the gears are always in motion. For instance, while previous commissioners were content sitting on the U.S. baseball’s long colorful history and the MLB’s great tradition, Manfred is breaking from tradition. He’s constantly looking for improvement every day. His predecessors seemed to be satisfied with the fact that baseball has always been America’s pastime, but the immediate MLB CEO isn’t underestimating the threat from the NFL for the top position in American hearts.

Manfred has made pace of play the key facet of his MLB era. Some of the transformations he’s considering today are bigger than just interleague, addition of a designated hitter, or instant replay. When he’s done, some of the changes you may be seeing include a pitch clock, lower number of mound visits, limited number of relievers and the use of the shift to alter the strike zone.


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