Donald Trump has come a long way. From a reality TV star to the President-Elect of the United States.

Trump’s name was frowned upon among members of the sports industry when he was a presidential candidate. Moreover, NASCAR and ESPN went as far as to cancel events that were organized on Trump’s property.

However, Trump is now mentioned as a potentially key figure for the USA to host the 2024 Olympics. Is there something to it?

Opinions vary. On one hand, some members of International Olympic Committee (IOC) feel that Trump should change his pre-election rhetoric, whereas Hill Carrow, CEO of Sports & Properties, thinks that Trump’s positive outreach may help in the effort to land the 2024 Games.

History has taught us that presidents tend to now have much influence regarding the organization of sports events. Thus, it should not be expected that Trump’s role in this matter should be great unless he makes radical decisions.

Nonetheless, Trump may achieve a bigger impact in other sports, particularly PGA. He possesses 17 golf properties, including Trumps Doral in Miami, where the World Championship used to be held before it moved to Mexico. It will be interesting to see his opinion concerning the move of the competition and his efforts to have the U.S. host the 2024 Games.


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