At the National Ability Center (NAC), a nonprofit that promotes self-esteem and lifetime skills through sports and recreational activity, everybody is welcome to take part in any outdoor sports activity of their choice. In order to make this possible every year, the NAC has resorted — like many other sports organizations across the US — to the trendiest notion in today’s sports fundraising: crowdfunding.

Although the wide reach of the Internet has enabled this concept to rise to very high levels globally, it isn’t necessarily a new concept. Crowdfunding has been with us for centuries. For instance, did you know that the Statue of Liberty’s construction depended on crowdfunding? Now you do!


Today, millions of people across the globe are using websites to crowdfund and help finance a wide variety of different projects. The site, SportsEngine, has enabled a crowdfunding functionality on each site they host thanks to their recent integration with RallyMe. Today, with SportsEngine and RallyMe together, it’s easier to crowdfund than ever before.

RallyMe has been a pacesetter in the online crowdfunding scene for a while, with an average contribution that is up to 66% higher than in other sites. This is the power SportEngine needs.


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