For some, the most prolific aspect of sports is the drama or unpredictability, but all would agree that the heart of baseball is its longevity, history and Vin Scully. Scully is a veteran narrator who retired this year from doing Dodger broadcasts. He had reported some of the most iconic moments in baseball for 67 years, which is why the MLB has featured him as the star of their new ad. The commercial is scheduled to roll out as the lead to Game 2 of the NLDS between San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs.

The piece, narrated by Tom Selleck, shows Scully walking into an empty dodgers stadium and finding his seat in the broadcasters booth. It then scans some of the most impactful moments that he called during his career and uses rotoscoping to project the clips in the way Scully may have originally viewed the plays. It also features many of todays stars and gives insight into what we can expect post-season.


Watch the baseball commercial that will go down in history here.