(Don’t be scared of tech jargon, plugin = feature)

1. Text Plugin

The name may be plain, but the use is mighty. The “Text” widget is much more versatile than you might think. Not only can this widget be used for text, but it is also a full on HTML editor which means you can embed videos, images, forms, and anything else you can add with HTML.

2. Concession Plugin

Yep, your fans can now order concessions from their seat. Infinity’s recent partnership with Order Brewster now enables your fans to get concessions delivered to them in the stands. It’s as simple to set up in your app as it is to manage. Control your orders, menu, sales report/history and delivery staff. Another great way to generate revenue for your club.

3. Event Plugin

The Event widget is a great way to keep your users up to date on the events and happenings associated with your organization. Just like the media center, you can either create manually entered events (including recurring events) or simply sync in your iCal feed from a variety of providers. You can include and create as many event sections as you would like.

4. Contact Us Plugin

Use this to provide vital info to your users. With it, they can get instant directions, see where you’re located, and view all of your contact information -phone, email, social links, etc.. You can embed forms, images, videos and more

–       Combine with the places plugin to show multiple locations.

–       Combine with the people plugin to give contact info for multiple employees.

5. People Plugin

With the People plugin, you can easily give more insight into your team. Whether it be front office staff, roster, coaches, interns, etc. Share descriptions, pictures, even forms. This tool can also be used as an announcement tool or digital bulletin if you want to display contact info or links with an announcement as well.

6. Social Walls Plugin (not social media…)

… although there are plugins for all your social media accounts too. The Social Wall lets you have your own in-app social network with the click of a button. Social walls are one of the best ways to facilitate communication within your app. Think of it as a chat widget.

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