What the heck happened last week? As most of us know, major sites like Amazon, Twitter, Netflix and PayPal went down last Friday due to cyber attacks that spread throughout the country. We’ve simplified what’s so important about these attacks and what you can do to avoid being affected.

1.What does DDoS even mean?

DDoS stands for distributed denial-of-service attack. It occurs when servers are overwhelmed with so many fake requests they cannot respond to real ones, resulting in the site crashing. The worst part? There’s no way to tell how long the hackers will be pinging your site. If your site is under attack, it could be down for 2 hours or 2 months.


2.Do DDoS attacks affect the content of my website?

No, think about it like this:

The content of your website is a dinner party. The DDoS blocks the doors that guest are using to enter your party. Because of this blockade, no one is able to gain access to your ‘party’. The contents of your dinner party, however, are not harmed.


3.What does this attack mean for the future?

A conspiracy has raised that says last weeks events were a ‘test’ for hackers who hope to crash servers again on Election Day, something that would stop the country’s Internet. There is also talk that a hacking group called New World Hackers took responsibility for the attacks, saying they were, “testing their powers”. For now, nothing has been confirmed but officials calling on Internet companies to take serious steps in providing further protection.


4.How can I stay protected against DDoS attacks?

Luckily for you, Infinity Sports and Entertainment has made recent infrastructure improvements that protect all clients from DDoS attacks. Our recent partnership with Incapsula, provides the defense needed so that you’ll never have to sweat about your paths crossing with DDoS again. Better yet, this service is provided to you at no extra cost.


5.What is the cost of resolving a DDoS attack?

A Ponemon study done in 2015 showed DDoS attacks were the #1 cyber attack on large corporations in 2015. They are especially pricey to resolve because they affect the entire corporation, not just the IT team. According to Incapsula, DDoS attacks can cost an average of $408,292 to resolve.



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