Sports fans and television viewers alike tuned in on October 22nd during NLCS Game 6 as the Cubs sealed their first trip to the World Series since 1945. According to figures released by Nielsen Media Research, the game became the highest-rated and most-watch telecast in FS1 history.

The peak rating of the game spiked 12,213,000 viewers at around 10:45 PM just as a double-play broke out in the top of the 9th. Last year when the Cubs swept by the New York Mets in Game 4 there was an estimated 7.9 million who tuned in to TBS to watch the action.

The NLCS averaged 6,953,000 views on FS1 over the six games which is up 80% from last years ALCS and up 56% from the San Francisco Giants vs. St. Louis Cardinals NCLS that aired in 2014 on FS1.


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