1. Go mobile

Having a mobile responsive store is a major key. The team walks out sporting their new, sleek gear…the fan whips out his or her phone and can purchase merch while in their seat. The high-energy and excitable atmosphere at a game can be a great opportunity to push easy sales.

2. Incorporate social elements

Putting social share links on your website seems like a no brainer, but are they on your store site? This is vital and allows your customers to instantly spread the word of what’s available in your store for you. Your visitors are now your marketing team.

3. Continue evolving

The ever-changing world of technology isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Taste and trends evolve and you must too to stay alive in such a variable market. Run tests, switch up your look annually or bi-annually, and never forget how valuable customer feedback is to a business!

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*photo credit: Shutterstock