As a college athlete, if a championship trophy isn’t enough to motivate you to give it your all in each game, maybe a gift suite will do the trick.

That’s what the NCAA is expecting, as they debut their gift suites to the Women’s Basketball semifinalists at the championship event later this year in Dallas.

Each player, both men and women, on the Final Four teams will get to peruse the high-end gadgets and products gift suites as a token of the NCAA’s affection. However since the NCAA caps the value of the gifts schools and conferences can provide, they have a Performance Award Center playing the middleman.

Players will be able to select up to seven items worth a total of $350 per person, not including the NCAA gifts which include a fossil watch, a piece of the Final Four court, and other goodies.

If you were to add up all of the permitted gift-giving sources, a player who won the basketball championship for the regular season, postseason conference tournament, and NCAA tournament, could go home with approximately $4,000 in gifts!


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