It finally happened- Las Vegas now houses their own hockey team.

The Vegas Golden Knights will be eligible to compete next season.

As expected, conversations have been circulating regarding what the Vegas Knights will do in the seasons to follow. Which players are going to play? What kind of players will be drafted? The questions keep coming.

We know for certain that George McPhee will be GM in Vegas. McPhee, who ran the Washington Capitals for 17 seasons, explained that the Golden Knights are going to assemble the team during the expansion draft in June.

However, they will not be able to choose players according to their wishes, as many of the players are protected because of no-movement clauses in their contracts and cannot be traded. There is going to be a massive player redistribution before the expansion draft, thus forming a solid structure for the Golden Knights.

McPhee does not hide great ambitions as he promises a fight for the title in the following six-year period. He stresses the importance of building a solid base. Hence, the following draft will be one of the most interesting yet.


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