History was made Monday night as the UConn women’s basketball team continued their victorious streak and hit the 100th win for the Huskies. An incredible feat considering all of the limits, drafts and caps put in place to check such power.

The Huskies defeated South Carolina 66-55 to hit this 100th victory mark and considering the path the team is on, a fifth straight national title doesn’t seem like a far stretch.

Make note that this was no easy win. The Gamecocks are entered with a 21-2 record and were only down 6 at the half. But with Coach Geno Auriemma at the helm of the Huskies, conquering their opponent was the only way to finish.

Auriemma himself is a walking record breaker. He has been named Associated Press Coach of the Year eight times, has 11 national titles, 17 Final Fours, 43 conference titles and six perfect seasons.

The team got recognition from the NBA community and ESPN pundits, and with their drive and ambition, we don’t see the Huskies taking an “L” anytime soon.


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