Recent statistics show the NFL’s revenue surpassing last season’s purse by over $900 million. This can be attributed to newly launched stadiums such as the U.S Bank in Minnesota, the Atlanta Falcons’s soon-to-debut Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and a new Thursday Night Football package.

The NFL revenue calculations are based on the salary cap for this season since revenue is shared with each team. The cap released last week is $167 million for each of the 32 teams, which translates to labor costs of around $6.5 billion for 2017. This grows from obligated revenue such as the media deals and sponsorships.

The $14 billion revenue mark will be reached this year because of the reduction in total labor costs, the TV deal that will add $450 million yearly, increased local revenue from tickets and local sponsorship sales.

The adjustment for the performance-based pay, which will cause player benefits to go up about $1.4 million per club, also acts a large contributor to the huge increase in income for the NFL.

Considering new drivers already in action for years to come, the amount of money already streamlining for next season in on a steady incline.


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