The average U.S. smartphone owner uses 27 apps a month, according to comScore, a statistic that has stayed comparatively static in recent years. The majority of users download one new app a month, or no new apps at all, giving developers very little chance to expand the virtual shelf area. So in order to make the cut, sports-related apps are packing on the cool features and options to make their product stand apart.

Some MiLB apps, for example, includes single-game ticketing and season-ticket management, as well as wayfinding, food and beverage, content, and seat and service upgrades. Our Infinity apps offer over 35+ plugins to interact with your fans like never before.

Other leagues like the NBA have embedded a lot of sturdy ticketing and in-venue functionality in their primary league apps. Ticketing entities like Ticketmaster and StubHub are equally merging social media and alternative outside fragments into their apps.

Teams are starting to recognize that it’s not just about the game. The experience for fans of all things in and around the game is equally important, too. Greg Foster, Experience chief executive, affirmed, “Going to a game is becoming more of a create-your-own-adventure type of thing, which in turn requires a lot more flexibility and innovation.”

This notion aligns with a broader business shift that’s developing. A fluid conception is of sports ticketing is emerging in which a traditional season ticket will be conjoined by a membership-based model. That model will give fans a ticket inventory that will vary in size and price based on their game-to-game spending habits.

Parallel to this idea, many leagues and ticketing firms are moving toward a paperless ticketing system that enables the user’s phone to be their point of entry.

Developers tend to look outside the industry for inspiration but no matter where your ideas spark from, to be able to let your users have a broad range of access and control is something that appeals to every business.

Our Infinity Apps can power your team to increase fan retention, boost ticket sales, engage users, and enhance interaction across all boards. Social links, maps, push notifications, loyalty programs, e-commerce store, and multimedia plugins are just a few of the plugins that will take your organization to a whole new level.

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