Being a company that represents female athletes across many sports, today is especially important.

National Girls and Women in Sports Day has spread like wildfire across the sports community, as it should. There are over 1,000 events that take place across the country on this day to celebrate the strength and power of women, especially in sports, and the benefits and healthy lifestyle that accommodates an active life.

This day, since being acknowledged by congress in 1987, brings many notable figures together. Including the former first lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

In recognizing the importance of today, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite stories of women in sports. Including the day Pat Summit reached her 1,000th win, when Tonya Butler of the University of West Alabama becomes the first woman in NCAA football history to make a field goal, and how playing sports changed the life of Rugby player Phaidra Knight.

Check them out below:

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