Greensboro Swarm has seen great turnout lately. The packed house has been mainly attributed to the transformation of a small, nondescript Fieldhouse, next to the Greensboro Coliseum, which has been transformed into a unique, classic and intimate NBA D-league home court.

Mid-February, the Swarm’s took on the Reno Bighorns. Despite the beautiful weather that day, the arena filled with fans – about 1,785 fans to be exact, of all demographics. As luck would have it, with adults and children occupying a portion of the 21,000 seats, the Swarm’s beat the their opponent.

Due to the increasing Swarm supporters, the Greensboro Coliseum Complex channeled $6 million to renovate the pavilion with fabric and tin in a bid to accommodate the Swarms. This turn of events began when Greensboro brought in the NBA D-League team in the fall of 2015.

The decision to bring in the team has been very beneficial to the community. The renovation of the $625,000 Fieldhouse turn to a professional basketball facility hasn’t hurt either.

This transformation amassed a huge and more passionate fan base for Swarms. Going off of surveys and comments from the fans, it seems that they have adopted the tight, small and cozy environment as the best place to be to watch their home team play.

They have since offered their full support identifying themselves with the Swarms. With all the background encouragement, Swarm has sold approximately 700 season tickets which is higher than the 500 tickets predicted. They had their three best sellouts in their first 14 home games out of the 48.

The great reviews and the turnout have surprised many people, the city, and even the Coliseum complex itself. It’s no surprise that tickets priced from $65 for courtside and $7 a game for baseline bleachers are selling out.

Greensboro Coliseum Complex’s setup is so close knit that you can even hear managers communicating with players and players disagreeing with referees. It’s quite the experience for the spectators.

Some of the new renovations made room for a concrete foundation, the LED modern sports lighting system, swarm offices, a media room, home and visitors’ locker rooms, weight training and conditioning space, new lobby and ticket offices, bench seats and the Warms banners which grace the walls of the new Greensboro Coliseum Complex. With all these, there is hope for more ticket sellouts next season.


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