Google Security Blog posted recently that starting January 2017, all users on chrome browsers (almost 75% of web surfers) will receive a warning when accessing a non-secure site.

Go to your company’s website.

If your website domain starts with ‘HTTP’ and not “HTTPS”, your site will be marked as non-secure and users will get an alert before continuing to your site. Websites with “HTTPS” before the URL represent an encrypted connection that gives an extra layer of security and protection.

Although users won’t be blocked from accessing non-secure sites, they will be notified that the address does not use an encrypted connection (the picture above shows an example of the Google alert). This may result in increased outreach from concerned visitors wondering if your site is secure to visit.

Google noted, “more than half of Chrome desktop page loads are now served over a secure network.” However, only one-third of the top 100 non-Google default to a secure connection currently.

This change will take effect in less than a month. We want to help you smoothly transition your domain certificate so your visitors know they are on a secure site.

Click here to purchase an updated SSL certificate. If Infinity is your current website provider, we will download and install the certificate for you upon purchase.


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— The ISE Team