Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium has inked a deal with rideshare company, Uber. This new deal aims to improve the Dolphin’s fans’ experience during arrival and departure from the new stadium. The rideshare company drivers will have a designated parking lot and entry point, the ‘Uber Zone’, which is designed to make finding your Uber driver easier for fans after any event. Those who order a car will be given a specific spot that the driver will be waiting in; this will prevent fans from wandering around the stadium and will expedite exit congestion.

Hard Rock Stadium is also offering the ‘UberTailgate’, which is unlike the conventional pickup truck tailgate experience. It provides convenience on game day with tailgating. Fans pay $250-$350 (separately from their game ticket), and are allotted a space with a full tailgate set up for their use. The space includes a tent, grill with grilling provisions, coolers, serving utensils and furniture. The best part? No cleanup required, you leave everything and head to the game. If you have food or drink leftover, you can even check it at the UberTailgate Zone and pick it up after the game. Sign me up!


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