Analytics have become crucial in many sports-related industries. The data from analytic research can help sports organizations with allowing their venues to become more operational. Part of this entails establishing stronger marketing plans.

A great example of the use of analytical marketing solutions comes from what the Houston Astros have recently done. They noticed that by promoting specific events and activities that take place at certain times (like their Friday fireworks for example), it will be easier to sell tickets. This led to the team adjusting its promotional efforts based on what has to be highlighted the most.

There is also the need to review how well individual products and services are offered at sporting venues. Stadiums have used analytics to understand trends over what products or services people use during a game. This includes reviewing how such items are marketed to others, which in turn makes it easier for teams to figure out what they can do to make their venues more enticing. Budgets may be adjusted to promote products that might be more interesting and valuable to the public.