At last, the city of Las Vegas, Nevada is getting an NHL Hockey Team! We’re all curious to know more about this groundbreaking revelation but full details are still being disclosed. However, a few key elements have already been revealed.
The new Las Vegas NHL hockey team will soon be revealing their logo and team uniform. For those anxious to know more about the team’s moniker before the big reveal, Team owner Bill Foley has confirmed that the name “Knights” will be a part of it. Foley also announced little info about the uniform design. Fans will undoubtedly be tantalized by the reveal and what is to come in the future!
Bringing the ‘Knights’ to sin city begs the question; will the addition of a NHL team in Vegas also bring the world of legal gambling to the NHL? An interesting article written by Greg Wyshynski shines a light on that high possibility, although Gary Bettman believes gambling and professional sports will stay independent from each regardless of the temptations that surrounded them in Las Vegas.


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